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FPS Assault Shooter

About FPS Assault Shooter

The visuals, distinct environments, ranking system, progression through levels, and ability to upgrade weapons are all part of the fun in a FPS Assault Shooter that has lethal weapons. Pick a firearm, jump into the action, and fight your adversaries while upgrading your arsenal to share in our victories in the shooting game Strike War. Experience the thrill of a classic first-person shooter. You will have a great time playing this game because to the innovative user interface design and the high quality of the visuals and audio. Hope you enjoy!

How to play FPS Assault Shooter

You can navigate with the standard WASD keys or the directional arrows. To fire, maintain pressure on the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. When you're ready to fire, utilize the mouse's right button as an aim. G just lobs grenades. When it comes to protection, the letter A means armor.


How To Play


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