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Free the Ball

Free the Ball is a fun puzzle game in which you are responsible for guiding the ball to its destination by rearranging blocks along the way to score points. You will need to use your brain to succeed in this amazing game.

In order for the ball to reach its destination, the goal is to create a path for it to move. You need to assist him in escaping. After completing each level, he must cross the finish line. Make it to the end, collecting the greatest number of stars in the shortest amount of time possible and doing it with the fewest moves possible. It is important to be prepared to meet all the requirements as the tasks will become increasingly more difficult as you progress through the passage. There are many levels in the game, from beginners to experts, so you will need to be patient, spin the Wheel of Fortune and collect coins that will further assist you in overcoming difficulties. Wish you have fun!

How To Play

  • Click to control the ball on the move.

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