Fruits Memory


Fruits Memory

Introduction to Fruits Memory

Fruits Memory is a game of flipping fruit items that is extremely interesting and attractive. In this game, you have to click on the cards in the deck and learn to recall their positions, then pair them together. To complete a level, you need to find matches for all the cards shown on the board. You will have a certain amount of time to complete each level and each level will gradually become more difficult than the previous level. Now is the time to test your memorization of things to see where is the highest level.

This game is also great for teaching and practicing vocabulary, and it does both very well. It can be used to review English vocabulary or simply as a practice tool for these words by ESL learners and teachers. This memory game allows players to practice spelling, reading, listening, and word recognition skills thanks to a combination of sounds, images and text.

How to play Fruits Memory

Use a mouse to move and play the game.






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