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About GAPS

GAPS is a fun and accessible 3D arcade game because of its core gameplay mechanic, guiding a ball through a maze of obstacles. This game requires little in the way of complex controls or visual effects. Select an option with a tap or click. Watch out for any gaps or potential roadblocks. To keep the ball from smashing into the obstacles, you'll want to steer clear of them whenever feasible. This game has a gorgeous graphical user interface, soothing music, and lifelike visuals, guaranteeing you some quality time of relaxation. Let's go on an adventure to learn more about Ball Climb!

How to play GAPS

If you're playing this on a mobile device, tap the screen to release the ball and send it flying through the openings in the obstacles. In order to get the ball past the barrier, desktop and browser users can click anywhere on the screen.


How To Play


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