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Garden Tales 3

About Garden Tales 3

The long-awaited third installment, Garden Tales 3 features over 3,000 breathtaking levels, making it the most exciting Match 3 game of the year. Together with your best friend, Willy, you must try to clear the weeds from its beautiful garden before you can start harvesting its flowers, berries and mushrooms. Flowers and fruits of the same type can be combined in increasing numbers as the temperature drops. Turn on the most memorable tunes from your favorite movies and TV shows and play the most thrilling Match 3 game ever made. The difficulty levels increase as you go further on the saga map. Use the support tools provided to help you. By completing the daily tasks and challenges provided, you will gain access to more coins and other gadgets. Wish you have fun!

How to play Garden Tales 3

Using your finger or mouse, you can mix and match a variety of reliefs. There must be a combination of at least three of the same plants for them to disappear.


How To Play


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