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Geometry Dash World

Welcome to the world of Geometry Dash World, where your main character is a petite cube and the only player to survive exciting challenges! When they come on the road, caution should be taken when approaching the light rings. The cube will enter another space through these portals, where portals are depicted.

There are 10 different planets, each with 10 different stages, that will be included in the game. To win each of them, you will need to go a great distance and put in a lot of effort. Automatically, the cube will move forward in that direction. To complete this goal, you must show the magic of your talent and win every challenge. Quickly jump over a variety of obstacles, including spikes, geometric structures, and platforms, while closely following the cube's movements. Become a champion by capturing all the squares in the game at your disposal!

How To Play

  • Click to move your cubes.

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