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Geometry Jump

About Geometry Jump

In the game Geometry Jump, your main task is to do your best to avoid the bumps and pass the levels through the exciting but difficult spike obstacles. Challenge your friends to see who can beat this version in the shortest time. Maintain a focused gaze and launch yourself over the wall as you approach. This game allows you to level up whenever you want because there are not many stages.

When playing this challenging game, you have to plant flags to create checkpoints. These obstructions can take the form of anything from pointed triangles to square blocks to puddles of liquid. You just need to know how to jump and set flags as you pass each level. If you die due to a collision with an obstacle, you will have to start the level again unless you plant a flag before that happens. Can respawn on any flag, acts as a safe zone. Join more Jump Dude games to practice more skills! 

How To Play

Use the mouse to start playing and complete the levels.


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