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Grand Extreme Racing

Welcome to Grand Extreme Racing! This is a new speed game that is hot in the game market today with this very aggressive driver. What do you think about competing in the Grand Extreme Racing game with your extremely fast car along with these other racers? You have to take part in very long championship journey and win all the world championship cups with your racing car. You can also compete in practice races, take part in challenge races, or play the game alone or with a friend. The benefits are satisfactory, which pave the way for you to make upgrades on your car with relative ease. There are ten different maps, five different racing cars and five different racers! Pick one, and then claim your spot on the track! Let's go!

How to play Grand Extreme Racing

If you are using 1P Mode: Move with the WASD keys or "arrow keys". Use "L-SHIFT" or "R-SHIFT" to follow either direction. Restart the car position, use "R". If you are competing in 2P Mode: Move with "Arrow Keys" if you are Player 1. Use "M" KEY to reset vehicle position. Move using W, A, S, D. If you are player 2, use L-SHIFT to reset vehicle position, to change camera view press "C."


How To Play



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