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Gun Head Run

A brand new running game, Gun Head Run welcomes players of all ages whose goal is to clear the levels to earn coins and advance in each level. Stay alert and have sharp reflexes as you progress through the game, clearing levels and collecting cash and weapons that you'll find everywhere.

The Gun Head Run game requires lightning-fast reactions. Players need to maintain concentration and quick reflexes to conquer increasingly difficult levels. These power-ups not only increase firepower but also speed up level completion, making gameplay more tense and thrilling. Passing the maximum number of doors by a positive integer will increase the firing capacity of your gun. If you want to pass a level quickly, you should always pass the level to earn money and weapons. Take action immediately!

Tips and Tricks

  • Pay attention to doors with positive numbers because they will increase the power of your pistol.
  • To have enough money and weapons, you must shoot in every level as much as possible.
  • Moving fast is important, so don't stop shooting!

How To Play

  • Click to drag the gun across the screen.

Anyone can enjoy exciting gameplay in this engaging and addictive running game. Additionally, you can also try some other games like Panda Running, Running Bot.

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