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Gun War Z1

Gun War Z1 is a super casual game with exciting missions in which people are being turned into zombies due to a virus that is spreading more and more areas. Your goal is to shoot them until each wave is completely eliminated and in exchange for your achievements you will receive money.

Zombies attack you or the survivors in each level. They do this in dangerous situations, such as when they are climbing a tower or when they are on top of a train and attacking you directly. Find ways to clear areas and save individuals. Between stages, you can use your profits to upgrade your guns and their abilities. This is because each next wave or swarm of zombies will be larger and stronger than the previous one. If any survivors are eliminated, you will return to the beginning of the level and have to start again. Your shooting talent is impressive and we wish you luck!

How To Play

  • Hold the mouse or touch the control button on the machine gun to control.

This fight will never end, and you can check out more similar games in our Shooter collection to practice your skills!


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