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Guns and Magic

The objective of the action game Guns and Magic is to defend your home from oncoming monster hordes. Once the wormhole to another world was opened, the once imprisoned animals proceeded to make their daring escape. Don't let anyone onto your farm who isn't invited. Make use of anything you can get your hands on, from constructing turrets and other obstacles to laying traps and calling in reinforcements and adjusting your approach. You'll have a wonderful time playing this game because of its gorgeous UI, excellent audio design, and high-quality visuals. So, come on, let's go find out by having some fun!

How to play Guns and Magic

To look about, use the WASD keys or the mouse. E denotes construct, enhance, and communicate. If you want to fire, click the left mouse button. To initiate a sprint, shift to the left.

How To Play


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