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Halloween Witch Fly

About Halloween Witch Fly

In Halloween Witch Fly, you'll play a dodging game while flying over the night. Assist the young witch in overcoming her difficulties by directing her. Stay as high above the ground as you can while avoiding dangerous ghosts, cats, bats, and the moon. Haunted cemeteries, pumpkins floating in the moonlight, starry skies, and spectral figures fill the night sky. Make sure you don't touch any of them at any time. Were you to soar too far, the witch would be lost forever in the topmost crimson curtain. This witch has some terrible obstacles to overcome. It's only her and her broomstick in this unfamiliar jungle. In spite of this, she displayed absolutely no signs of apprehension. To what height can you soar before your broom gives out?

How to play Halloween Witch Fly

Downward movement requires first activating the up button.


How To Play


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