Heart of Iona
Heart of Iona
Heart of Iona

Heart of Iona

Heart of Iona

About Heart of Iona

Heart of Iona is an exciting story-driven game that transports players to a fantastic world filled with dragons, queens, bandits and pirates. Follow Princess Ella as she spends her incredible coronation day.

On the morning of her coronation, Ella awoke with excitement and involuntarily, she entered the room where a dragon was kept. While delighted with her new role as queen, she is even more excited at the prospect of discovering magnificent sites around the country. As she assisted him in his flight, she created a series of amusing events. Through trials, Ella learns that her heart's power can change the course of events in the Iona Kingdom.

The game is divided into 9 separate chapters that must be completed in order. After completing a story chapter, you will need to spend gems for the next chapter. Gems can be purchased by completing chapters or by watching ads. You can also check out some more games like Guardians of Gold.


  • Sharp 2D graphics
  • Connecting interesting fantasy scenes
  • 9 chapters with increasing difficulty level

How to play

  • You can use the mouse to control the game.


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