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Hill Station Bus Simulator

The Hill Station Bus Simulator video game gives players the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of a skilled bus driver and navigate difficult terrain. You are the main character and your goal is to successfully manage a bus service while transporting passengers along winding roads, high mountains and enchanting scenery.

You will visit green locations and train stations, pick up passengers and then take them to well-marked drop-off points. You will receive money for each customer whose delivery you successfully deliver to their delivery point. Because you are timed, you need to do your best to complete the course as quickly as possible without failing. There's a long way to go, so stop at a gas station to refuel. Can you transport passengers to their destinations in time while ensuring their safety while traveling over rough terrain?

How To Play

  • Use the touch screen or WASD/ARROWS to control the bus.

Enjoy the enchanting scenery, complete the goal in a short period of time. Then try some similar games from our Racing & Driving collection!

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