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The French studio Voodoo developed the arcade physics puzzle game You'll be a powerful black hole wreaking havoc on a metropolis in this digital game. Eat anything in your path—trash, fire hydrants, or other players—to grow larger and more powerful. Growing older means taking on ever-greater challenges, which you will eventually be able to overcome.

You can even suck the black holes of other players if yours is large enough. The immensely popular game Hole io is all about growth, consumption, and life. Each player receives a certain number of points at the end of each game based on how much they have improved their overall level. With the new skins you get at the end of each level, you can change the look of the hole to match your personal preference. There are additional skins obtainable via in-game means.

How to play

You can move using the arrow keys, the WASD keys, or the mouse.

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