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Home Pin 1

Home Pin 1 is a 2D puzzle game in which you will play as Edward, a man who has just moved into an abandoned house and saves his family from danger. Help Edward save his wife, collect capital, build a mansion and defeat enemies by applying your wisdom.

The husband starts each level in a different room in the house, lying on the floor or propped up with pins. By inserting pegs at various angles, the house will be divided into several parts. Parts around the house are supported and protected by latches, which act as barriers. If you want to help him turn his shabby house into the home of Edward's dreams, you'll need to use your wits. You will have to restart the level if either spouse is injured or if any treasure is destroyed. Additional enemies, obstacles, and traps, such as mounted crossbows, will appear in later levels. Be aware that objects thrown from above can cause harm to people below.

How To Play

  • Drag the left mouse button while clicking and holding it on their respective rings.

After helping Edward, you can come to the games available in our collection: Find the Way Home Maze Game, Stickman Home Escape. Hope you always have relaxing moments!

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