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Hotel Manager

In the brand new online game Hotel Manager, you will have to build hotels around the world and compete with your opponents in the market. Have you ever entertained the idea of becoming one of the most profitable landowners in the entire world?

You have the ability to improve your hotel by investing in additional amenities such as gyms, spas, restaurants, and upgraded rooms as you accumulate revenue. This gives you the opportunity to enhance your hotel. In addition to contributing to increased revenue, these improvements also improve the overall guest experience. One of the responsibilities of a hotel manager is to oversee the hotel's logistics activities in addition to providing hotel services. This requires taking on responsibilities such as vacuuming rooms, washing sheets, and ensuring a clean environment. The game gives players the challenge of successfully managing their hotel while meeting the needs of many tourists. Become the most famous hotel tycoon in the world!

How To Play

  • Click to select hotel amenities.

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