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Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

About Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

You'll find yourself in the thick of a brutal struggle for control of the ocean floor in Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night, a game in the shark battle royale genre. In this aquatic adventure, you must eat other fish in order to get larger. Whoever stays alive the longest among the sharks wins. By hunting and evolving your shark, you can become the ocean's top predator. If you're the first to rush in and murder other players, you'll stay at the top of the food chain. The ocean grew ever more gloomy as nightfall approached. As it searches for food, the creature makes its way through the water. Strange things are happening in Hungry Shark Arena. Do you have what it takes to compete in a deadly underwater arena?

How to play Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

You can go much more quickly if you drag and click instead of walking. To become the ocean's deadliest carnivore, you must HUN your victim and level up your shark. You must DASH and KILL other players to stay at the top of the food chain. BE ALIVE through all of the perils of competing at a high level in an aquatic arena.


How To Play


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