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IDLE Archeology

In the simulation game IDLE Archeology, you lead a team of archaeologists as they delve into long-lost civilizations and begin excavating them. You will control the excavation and try to accumulate as many dinosaur bones as possible.

You must meticulously gather the remains of ancient dinosaurs if you want to become a top leader. Reconstructing pieces of the past through analyzing fossils is more than simply making a discovery. Becoming an archaeologist requires more than just digging. Be sure to spend the money you earn from your findings on better equipment and more party members. Having more individuals working means there will be more opportunities for bigger and more meaningful discoveries. Your progress in unlocking the next big secret is directly proportional to the amount of improvement you achieve. With an intuitive design, this game will work perfectly on desktop and mobile touchscreen devices, ensuring that players of all skill levels can enjoy it. Hope you quickly take on a leadership role!


How To Play

  • Locate areas to dig by clicking the mouse.

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