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Imperia Online

About Imperia Online

Imperia Online is an online real-time strategy game that takes players to the Middle Ages. The game is very interesting and attracts players. In this game, you must build your empire from the very beginning, guide the great rulers it spawns, and lead it to prosperity. You will compete against thousands of other players in a completely realistic strategy simulation. While experiencing a myriad of different game mechanics, all of them give you complete freedom in determining how you will become the ultimate Emperor. See which of these three archetypes best describes your character - the mighty conqueror, the shrewd diplomat, or the brave warrior? Do you orient your allies towards a common goal? And within Imperia Online, you have a plethora of options for deciding how your life will unfold and what you will leave behind. Join the game to explore!

How to play Imperia Online

Use a mouse and click on the characters to interact with the game.

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