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Island Battle 3D

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Island Battle 3D, where you play as an athlete who must avoid cliffs as you navigate treacherous landscapes. However, reaching the end of the dynamic island is not your only goal; You also have to beat other jumpers.

In this ever-changing battlefield, where obstacles and opportunities always arise, the ability to adapt quickly is crucial. Take advantage of loopholes to force your opponents into dangerous areas, but be careful: they're planning to do the same to you. Get ready to encounter other experienced trainers, all vying for dominance, as you traverse the island's challenging terrain. Demonstrate your skills with careful preparation, error-free execution and resolute determination. Accumulating experience and resources is a great way to level up and equip yourself with stronger monsters. Invest your hard-earned money in improving your creatures' talents so you can form an invincible team that can conquer any challenge. Have a nice time!

How To Play

  • Move with left mouse and arrow keys/WASD.

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