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Join Blocks 2048 Number Puzzle

Classic block merging game Join Blocks 2048 Number Puzzle is the best free game you can play right now and throughout the time. Touch, shoot, and join x2 blocks up to 2048 with your finger. The game's modern design, user-friendly interface, and colorful number blocks will ensure that you enjoy a flawless and enjoyable puzzle gameplay experience. It's up to you to solve the merge number issue in this engaging and inventive game. Using extra tools, such as swapping blocks of numbers, rolling back your previous move, or crushing blocks of numbers, if merging is not an option. For new number blocks, take your time and do logical merging actions rather than hasty actions with no time limit.

How to play Join Blocks 2048 Number Puzzle

Simply click +1 to add an extra number to the total. To remove a digit, all three numerals immediately adjacent to it must be the same. Continuous annihilation is the key to activating the combination effect.


How To Play


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