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Jungle Run OZ

Welcome to the thrilling world of Jungle Run OZ! Try to put yourself in the shoes of a creature looking for a meal and running around in the jungle. Find out how fast you can survive while avoiding these dangers, shall we?

While you are experiencing the unique thrill of moving through dangerous environments, you will try to survive in this terrible jungle adventure. When moving through the jungle at maximum speed in Jungle Run OZ, you can control the terrain with simple operations. Because giving up means giving up your prospects of survival, you have no choice but to keep moving forward with all your strength. Scoring points requires you to dodge dangers and evade your pursuers.

Tips and Tricks

  • Speed ​​is the most important thing and don't ignore the importance of finding power!
  • By avoiding traps and avoiding enemies, make the most of the speed your monster character possesses.
  • Don't forget to keep moving forward to develop your talent.

How To Play

  • Click the arrows or swipe the screen to move creatures and control the terrain.

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