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Just Another Pong

About Just Another Pong

In the brand new and thrilling online game Just Another Pong, you will have to compete with other players in an exciting tournament if you want to win. You will see an illustration of the playing field split in half right in front of you on the screen. A blue platform will be on the left side of the screen and you will be able to navigate the platform with the arrow keys or the mouse. There will be a red platform located on the right side of the screen and your opponent will have control over it. The ball will be put into play at the signal. You'll need to exercise control of your platform to move it underneath the ball and successfully throw it to the opposing team's side. Try to do it in a way that prevents your opponent from defeating him. Check out some of our other fun games in the Arcade collection.


How To Play

Use the mouse to start the game.


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