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Just Fall LOL

It's fun for you to visit Just Fall LOL! Not only can you have a great time with your fellow penguins, but you can also interact with them in this multiplayer game you can play online. For the final round, the competitors wear penguin beaks and square off in the hexagonal arena. The rules of this game can be chosen in one sitting. You will need to use the arrow keys to move, jump and slide with the cute penguin.

Additionally, you can choose from a palette of 12 distinct shades for the player character's skin and several game modes. Each player will be assigned a random partner or they may be invited to bring in additional players for a total of eight. Your goal, if you choose to accept it, is to extend the penguin's lifespan as much as possible during its ordeal on the ice. When humans step on an iceberg, it melts the ice. Stay away from the crater and the last drowned person takes you to the top of the leaderboard.

How to play Just Fall LOL

Mouse and arrow keys (or WASD keys) will help you through the game.

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