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Kitchen Bazar

About Kitchen Bazar

In Kitchen Bazar, you run a restaurant and try to expand it by satisfying the hunger of the rush-hour crowd. Put your cooking abilities to the test without leaving your house by challenging your pals to a virtual cook-off. You will open and manage a restaurant while mastering the fundamentals of the culinary arts in this virtual world. Each half has its own goals and can be seen independently. The first thing to do is pick the brain of a reliable advisor who has been there and done that. You can see how the recipe turns out by clicking on the customer's conversation bubble, you can get more experience points by selecting one of the three categories on the main menu, and the customer will leave a larger tip if you serve them fast. You have to constantly level up and broaden your business in order to unlock new furniture. There is much here to keep someone busy for a long time. Find out about this game in the kitchen right now!

How to play Kitchen Bazar

Play with the mouse and pay attention to the customer's orders so you may produce the best food possible.


How To Play


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