Knife Hit


Knife Hit

About Knife Hit

The culmination of all knife competitions is the game Knife Hit. In this game, you have to touch and throw the knife at the logs. And while you're at it, try to cut apples and beat the boss. Take care not to prick the knife or prick yourself on the thorn. You also need to learn to time your actions and aim correctly to become the master of the knife! Can you beat each boss?

To separate the logs, throw knives at them from a distance. You can get a new knife by cutting apples. There is one boss at the end of each fifth period; you need to beat them to unlock new knives. Knife Hit gameplay is both easy to learn and hard to master. This lets players experience the game's amazing potential in the most realistic way.

How to play Knife Hit

Please knock the knife on the log to throw it, avoiding hitting the knives already available.


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