Knives Crash io


Knives Crash io

About Knives Crash IO

Knives Crash IO is a very dramatic and engaging knife game. This knife game requires you to travel around the map while crushing opponents and collecting knives. The more knives you have, the more likely you are to escape your pursuers and attack them with greater force. Win against your opponents. Crush your enemies and cut their knives, then collect what's left of them so you can use and strengthen yourself in the future. You can also be successful in combat by using defense.

With a simple and clean user interface and user experience and engaging battles, Knives Crash IO has outstanding features that help bring the most fun to players.

How to play

- To play against other players, you must press the play button.

- Adjust your knife direction to devour your opponent and increase your size.

- To complete a level and earn the victory medal, you must collect all the knives.


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