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KrisMas Mahjong 2

KrisMas Mahjong 2 is a timeless classic mahjong game in which you will be immersed in the festive atmosphere with a series of new levels and exciting items. Follow a calendar of enchanting adventures, revealing new connecting puzzles every day. After completing a level, open the fortune cookie to reveal your holiday and New Year's luck.

There are 20 levels to explore, each offering a random adventure challenge to keep things interesting. In Classic Mode, experience traditional gameplay, while Advent Calendar Mode offers a unique twist. Regardless of which mode you choose, the goal remains the same - match all identical tiles and remove them from the board. Pay attention to the time limit displayed on the left side of the screen. Although it decreases with each passing second, skillfully matching tiles will help you maintain it. Try to match quickly to maximize your points and get the most out of an exciting gaming experience!


  • Beautiful 2D graphics.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Many challenging modes.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to move the tiles to the appropriate position to complete the level.

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