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Kung Fu Sparrow

About Kung Fu Sparrow

Throughout the game Kung Fu Sparrow, you will face many different enemies and each will have a unique ability to harm you. You need to earn new belts and get access to bonus levels. In an unfair game, you have to jump from rope to rope, defeat your enemies, collect the most precious breads and finally defeat the monster. Each enemy possesses a trait and an item that is completely unique to them. Discover a successful solution for each of them. The game features a total of 50 distinct levels, two different game types, and a cast of characters to choose from. Conquer a dangerous war and establish yourself as a true master of Kung Fu Sparrow! See more games similar to Shooter Craft.

How To Play

 You will need to master some basic mouse movements to win, or you can play the game on the keyboard using the arrow keys and spacebar. Press the left button on the keyboard and jump on them by swiping up and swiping down.


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