LoL Shooting


LoL Shooting

About LOL Shooting

You will be able to choose from 48 unique weapons in this exciting first-person shooter game, LOL Shooting. This game challenges you to take down flying versions of the most popular internet memes. This fun game will give you a big laugh, but make sure you don't leave the face of any character! You need to aim, fire, unlock weapons, attack with all your might, don't let them escape without leaving a scratch, and above all, don't stop laughing even once. Use four different weapons in the fun LoL Shooting shooting game to humiliate your characters and get a good laugh. Look for all the insulted characters and then deal with our frustrations about them in whatever way you find appropriate!

How to play LOL Shooting

Use your mouse or finger to interact with the game's user interface. Click on the appropriate weapon to shoot.


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