Lucky Fisherman


Lucky Fisherman

About Lucky Fisherman

Lucky Fisherman is a very simple and fun fishing game. It is a game that can be played by both boys and girls, as well as children and adults. Just touch the screen so you can drop a fishing rod and drag your fish into the boat. The bigger the fish is, the more points that person wins. You have one minute to reach the goal, but the good news is that all points are cumulative. The more fish you catch in the first level, the easier it will be in the second level. However, get ready for it every time. Have fun trying to reel in the biggest fish in the world. The Lucky Fisherman game has great level design and music with an atmosphere waiting for you. Let's explore!

How to play Lucky Fisherman

You can move and let go of the fishing rod by using your mouse or the accessibility buttons on your touchscreen. 


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