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Mahjong Dimensions

About Mahjong Dimensions

You're up against the time in Mahjongg Dimensions as you try to complete as many jigsaw puzzles as possible by matching tiles in the classic Mahjong fashion. You'll have to put your Mahjong skills to the test in a whole new level by rotating a 3D brick. To remove tiles from the cube, click on pairs of identical ones and then flip the cube over. You can't delete a cell if it's surrounded by other cells on either side. If you want to beat the timer in Mahjongg, you'll need to figure out how to pair together tiles rapidly. The game of Mahjongg will become increasingly challenging as you advance through its dimensions. Both the number of blocks to remove and the number of possible tile layouts rise. This is why we need to get things moving as quickly as possible. Fast matches (two tiles matched in less than three seconds) are worth twice as much. The bonus will increase by a factor of 5 for consecutive pairs of the same design. Enjoy yourselves while you're out there.

How to play Mahjong Dimensions

To begin, click the left mouse button; then, use the mouse wheel or the arrow keys to move the cubes around and select tiles.


How To Play


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