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Mahjong Sweet Easter

Mahjong Sweet Easter is a game created to bring you the joy of Easter, where your goal is to remove tiles from the board by matching them in pairs. You have a limited amount of time to match as many tiles as possible, and you also have to work to overcome gravity.

It is necessary to select two identical and free cells on at least one side to match them and remove them from the board. Remember to keep an eye on the clock as your goal is to remove as many tiles as possible before the specified time period runs out. Feel the force of "gravity" as all the tiles in the bottom layer are removed, causing the tiles in the higher layers to fall. It is important to carefully plan your actions by considering how "gravity" conditions will affect the board layout in later rounds of the game. Matching tiles will create more pairs as they fall due to gravity so are given priority. Always pay attention to the timer and prioritize matches that can be completed quickly.

How To Play

  • Click or tap to remove cells from the table.

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