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Mahjongg Alchemy

About Mahjongg Alchemy

Mahjongg Alchemy is a matching game with an emphasis on chemistry. In it, you will need to solve Puzzle to complete the board before time runs out. Despite the pressure of the timer, Mahjongg Alchemy is still considered a light pastime. The average round lasts 15 minutes, making it a good game to play when you need a break from real life and there's no music to distract you while trying to problem-solve. Clicking on "solve new puzzle" will allow the game to shuffle the tiles into a new configuration if you are not satisfied with the configuration you have been given. The game of Mahjong can be understood even by those who have never played it before, since the goal is to remove all the tiles from the board. Master the art of brick alchemy and challenges in this game!

How to play Mahjongg Alchemy

Use the left mouse button to select a cell. You can remove duplicate cells when two of them are identified. As long as there are no obstacles, you can go in that direction. The difficulty of the game stems from the need to find matching bricks in a sea of ​​visually similar bricks.

How To Play


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