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Man on a Rope

In the exciting game Man on a Rope, you will participate in a competition that is both tough and interesting and find yourself in a very high position. In front of you is a huge obstacle and to win you will need to overcome all your competitors.

Since there will be a significant distance between you and the finish line, you will be able to complete it with the help of a rope. The only way to ensure that your hero crosses the finish line first is if you fly forward according to the signal and click on the screen at the appropriate time. To avoid falling and losing your life, you need to use a rope to cling to the ledge. Earn money, this will allow you to speed up the game. It is essential that you do not worry about the possibility of failure. You will be able to seek help in any case. You will have the opportunity to test your skills by overcoming difficult obstacles that take place in the desert and even in space. We hope you have a great time!

How To Play

  • Click to help the rope cling to the ledge.

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