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Master of Donuts

About Master of Donuts

Playing Master of Donuts will prepare you to take on the world and become the undisputed Donut Master. Donuts taste best when they are stacked such that the coatings of the ones on top overlap. You can become a Donut Master to relax before or after an exciting, sunny, or lovely day by challenging your mind and using up the extra energy you brought with you. In front of you, in tabular form, is information about the island in the kitchen. There will be multicolored donuts on it. Finding all the donuts of a particular color and clustering them together will be your mission. In Master of Donuts, you'll go on to the next level once you've stacked all of the donuts and earned a certain score.

How to play Master of Donuts

Using the mouse, you can move the items around on the table until they are in the correct spots.


How To Play


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