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Master of Numbers

Master of Numbers is a math puzzle game where your mission is to get the highest score possible and knock down all the barriers! As you progress through the different levels of the game, you'll need to keep an eye on your numbers, avoiding the big ones while building your strength by absorbing the smaller numbers. You will be able to cross the finish line and get the maximum score if you can skillfully move around the obstacles and choose the path that offers the best chance to do so.

Stay away from any red hazards, portals or traps along the way and try to maximize the extra points you get at the end of each level, which is determined by the total number of points you have accumulated in throughout the journey. To improve your thinking, join the Math Rockets Addition game.


How To Play

  • You can control your numbers on the field with your mouse or finger.
  • Stay away from red numbers, because they are too big
  • Your number starts at "1", and as you move it through other numbers of the same type, it will add more and more to those numbers.
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