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Maze Hide Or Seek

In the game Maze Hide Or Seek, you will be tasked with trying to take on a variety of roles while searching for a way out of a complex and winding maze. The quest assigned to you by identification can be completed using the complex geography of the maze.

In this game, you will be placed in one of many camps based on random selection. You can even take on the role of a villager, activate the switch and successfully escape. You should chase your opponent if you choose an assassin. To see them even in the dark, I ask you to turn on your flashlight. Your weapon's location will be revealed to you as soon as you see buttons containing letters. Get close to the discovered unfortunate and destroy him until the coin drops. In case you choose hide and seek mode, you should not raise your head in the middle of the maze and constantly move your position to find the exit. In this wild maze, I hope you have a great time! Do you want to become a hunter who protects your area?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to activate switches and perform tasks.

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