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Merge Archer Defense

Merge Archer Defense is an engaging game that challenges you to stop the relentless onslaught of invaders who dare to breach your kingdom. Merge archers to form a formidable team of stick archers and engage in epic battles to defend your stronghold.

Arm yourself with a bow, draw the bowstring and skillfully choose the trajectory to shoot arrows into the heads of nefarious invaders. Winning battles earns you gold, allowing you to purchase additional unique units and towers. Navigate through countless exciting levels where your strategic prowess is key - assemble a team of skilled archers and eliminate opponents long before they reach the walls protecting your castle. If enemies try to hide in the citadel, take them down with your cannons, reducing the cowardly enemy to rubble. Spin the lucky wheel every day to receive attractive gifts when you participate in the game! Are you up for the challenge of facing an army of enemies storming your fortress?


How To Play

  • Click to fire cannons at your enemies.

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