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Merge Master Skibidi Bop

Merge Master Skibidi Bop game will take you on an adventure into the fantasy world of Skibidi creatures, you will need to use your strategy and wits. You are tasked with protecting the massive Skibidi army from bad agents and their subordinates, who are trying to prevent the appearance of the monster Skibidi.

By combining your fearsome monsters and allowing them to evolve, you can create the most formidable army possible. If you want to win this conflict, you will need to quickly evolve your monsters to amass a large army. If you want to double the size of your army, you should demonstrate the ability to combine Skibidi monsters and increase the number of fighters in your army. The camera head must be destroyed, so gather your shooters together! If you have larger numbers, you will be able to eliminate Cameramen and other opponents faster. Achieve mastery of your art and eliminate all your opponents. Have a great time!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to control your army in battle.

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