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Mini Grand Theft City

Mini Grand Theft City is an entertaining game that takes place in a simple setting, you will be free to collect money to build the next buildings! Break into homes or businesses to steal furniture or sell it for money and attack people passing by in the game.

Navigate your avatar in the hyper-casual city and use your initial coins to buy a bat, which will be of great assistance to you. During your rampage throughout the city, you should take advantage of the stick to attack people and rob them of their money. This money can be used to buy new tools as well as upgrade existing equipment into knives, firearms and bombs. Additionally, you can work on expanding your base of operations, which will allow you to recruit more gang members to your team. As you earn more money, you can rob banks, buy cars to drive, and engage in other crimes. It's not difficult at all, so start now so you have the time you need to accomplish what you set out to do!


How To Play

  • Click to perform money-making tasks.

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