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Mini Obby War Game

Mini Obby War Game is an exciting 3D game set in Roblox, where you are tasked with managing your little character and guiding him through the endless war. You must eliminate a series of Obby enemies from the map in each stage before they deal you final defeat.

This incredible game is at your fingertips and it has over 10 distinct and difficult stages. Aim and shoot at all enemies as you continue to rush to avoid waves of enemies that will shoot at you if they see you. You can unlock new characters with special skills by collecting coins while defeating enemies, and the game ends when your health drops below 100. In this new series of Roblox games, you will need to use his shooting skills in an all-out war between Obbies and Noobs. If you can clear a wave, you'll unlock access to the next level, which will include more enemies. Be careful to collect coins dropped by opponents; You can use them to buy skins and avatars in the store.

How To Play

  • WASD = move around
  • Click = aim/shoot
  • Mouse wheel = change weapon
  • Shift = run/jump
  • R key = reload
  • F = pick up items
  • C = crouch.

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