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Monster Collect Run

Monster Collect Run is a hyper-casual running game in which you must collect powerful crystals and ammo as you progress through challenging levels. Conquer your enemies and you will be able to control them in the game. Which animal do you find most impressive?

Move your stickman or ragdoll avatar left and right with mouse or touch controls, collect bullets and diamonds along the way, then get in front of the monsters that appear, shoot them with bullets and weapons gas that you have collected. In addition, new guns may appear that you should take advantage of. You can be equipped with better weapons and defeat more monsters if you earn more diamonds. The more diamonds you collect, the more monsters you can defeat. If you succeed in eliminating all the monsters and reach the end of the level, you will have the opportunity to move on to the next level, which will be more difficult than the previous one because there will be more enemies. Let's start right now, right here and wait for other joys that can come to us!

How To Play

  • Click to move the stickman character left/right.

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