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Moto Stunt Biker

Moto Stunt Biker is an exciting motorcycle game in which you take control of a motorbike and perform feats at various difficulty levels. Bring your motorbike to the finish line by moving and adjusting speed to overcome obstacles.

You will control a motorbike and rush down the road at high speed. If you want to control him, you will have to overcome many challenges. You have to perform certain tricks by jumping off the springboards placed on the road as soon as you see them. To continue your run, you must perform freestyle stunners in style on these crazy tracks. You can choose from four incredible bikes and race across the sky while performing crazy stunts in Moto Stunt Biker. Show off your talent as a bike racer by demonstrating your ability to spin in the air and land the bike on both wheels; The map is huge and has many great ramps to ride. Prepare yourself for some exciting racing and adventurous adventures.


  • Beautiful 3D graphics with smooth effects.
  • Large map with many ramps.
  • 4 bike options, including a police bike with siren.

How To Play

  • WASD or arrow = move
  • Spacebar = handbrake
  • Space bar: handbrake
  • Shift = shift bike
  • R = reset game
  • G = reset bike
  • E = police siren
  • Keys 1, 2, 3 and 4 = change cars.

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