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Mr Dracula

About Mr Dracula

Mr. Dracula is the most advanced physics-based shooter, and it also features some fascinating puzzle gameplay, all in a frightful Halloween atmosphere. After centuries of human company, Dracula was worn down by life on Earth. However, in preparation for Halloween, he has locked himself inside his castle and has no intention of letting anyone in. If someone dares to encroach on the bloodsucker's property, you will help him deal with them. He's armed himself to ward off the intruders, and now you'll be there to help him do it. Try to conserve the vampires' limited supply of magazines as much as possible by using ricochet. If you fire a bullet at Mr. Dracula from behind a stone wall, it will reflect off the wall and back at you. Playing Mr. Dracula should be a lot of fun right now.

How to play Mr Dracula

To fire, tap the gun icon.


How To Play


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