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Mr. Macagi Adventures

In the adventure Mr. Macagi Adventures, you will have the opportunity to assist Mr. Macagi through dangerous terrains while facing cunning monsters. Can you help Mr. Macagi collect apples and gold coins while gaining the upper hand against the cunning monsters that inhabit it?

You should be ready for the test of your skills and tactics, as there are four stages set in the verdant landscape of the forest and four stages set in the brutal heat of the desert. Guide Mr. Macagi through challenging environments and let him jump on the platforms. Keep your goal on the prize and try to collect as many apples and gold coins as possible in Mr. Macagi Adventures. Keep an eye out for sneaky monsters; Either avoid them at all costs or find a way to overcome their tricks. Make sure to plan your jumps carefully so you don't step on your opponents or fall into traps. Keep moving to keep those monsters guessing and don't forget that every apple and coin counts towards your total score!

How To Play

  • Click to help the character jump to collect points.

Explore new lands, strategize and win in this exciting platformer adventure!


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