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Murder Case Clue 3D

Murder Case Clue 3D is a thrilling third-person escape game where you will take on the role of a detective discovering some evidence in the case. Many levels, each containing puzzles to solve, are waiting for you. You will make it your mission to solve all the mysteries.

To complete all the levels in a short period of time, you need to pay close attention. As you progress through levels, you will encounter a variety of items, including knives, phones, potions, door keys, and other information. You'll discover more murders and clues as you progress through the game, which will make each level increasingly more difficult. To find all the evidence related to the murder in Murder Case Clue 3D, you should open cabinets, jump on tables and do whatever else is asked. Participate in this research universe to the fullest extent possible and complete this difficult mission. Do you think you will be able to assist the young hero in solving all the puzzles and discovering all the clues?

How To Play

  • Click to find evidence related to the murder.

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