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My Shopping Mall - Business Clicker

My Shopping Mall - Business Clicker is an exciting clicker game in which you will participate in building and running your own shopping complex. You have the opportunity to build more retail space, grow your shopping center, and run promotions and specials in your store.

The goal of the game is to increase the value of your shopping center while generating revenue from customers. Opening new stores, completing floors, and attracting new customers are all ways to accomplish this goal. Once you have accumulated a certain amount of wealth, you will be able to establish a new shopping center and expand your empire. You will be able to invest this money in establishing many trading platforms where others will come and spend their money. Continue opening many different stores and hire people with the money you earn. Because of this, you will eventually make your shopping center the most successful in the city. Hope you soon become a business tycoon!

How To Play

  • Click on the areas you need to develop and accumulate money.

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