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Ninja Up!

Ninja Up! is a 2D classic that takes you on an exciting jumping experience where your goal is to control a brave ninja and help him reach incredible heights. Which do you prefer: bold, high jumps or small, steady, planned jumps?

The goal of this endless runner is to go as high as possible without falling or hitting anything. To help him jump to great heights, you must design these trampolines right below the character. If you want your character to make small jumps, draw lines slightly below them. If you want them to throw fast and high, draw them almost touching the line. As long as you continuously abandon the character because you can't draw beautiful lines, you can continue playing Ninja Up!. This tense endless runner will constantly test your gaming skills with every decision you make.

Tips and Tricks

  • Anticipating your opponent's moves is crucial to achieving success.
  • Gain points faster by pulling the trampoline rope closer.
  • Avoiding hazards requires a delicate balance between jumps.


  • Beautiful 2D ancient graphics.
  • Many endless levels.
  • Easy controls.

How To Play

  • Click to draw lines on the screen to help the character jump.

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